Magnetic Pin Dish/Pin Holder - Terrazzo Resin

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We might be biased but our Terrazzo Magnetic Pin Dish is the prettiest pin dish we have ever seen! Adding sophistication and a dash of practical magic this magnetic pin holder will be your new favourite crafting partner! Designed for those who live to stitch, tailor, and create, this dish feels like a piece of art with its unique terrazzo resin finish, adding a sprinkle of elegance to your workspace.

But it's not all about looks, this dish can multitask, doubling as fabric weight (get 2 to hold your fabric while you cut!) and packs a punch with its super-strong magnet, securely holding your pins and needles while you sew. The smart, flat-surfaced design features a magnetic-free zone around the edge for easy pin pick-up and removal and its solid weight ensures stability and effortless access.

Plus, its non-slip base means your precious surfaces stay scratch-free and your pin dish stays exactly where you need it. Brilliant!

Your crafting tools should be as fabulous as your creations and this one is a winner!

  • Terrazzo resin with internal magnet
  • Each Terrazzo resin dish is hand-made, meaning each one is unique
  • Non-slip black felt base 

Size: 12cm diameter x 2.5cm high

Weight: 700g

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